Excerpt from: Megan's Men

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Megan's Men

Copyright: Tessie Bradford, 2013

Resplendence Publishing

“Rork, how about relaxing just a little bit? You're killing the mood.”

Megan smiled at Loban as he draped his arm around her shoulder and scooted so they were touching from hip to knee.

These men were all so very different. Loban had been a riot when helping her pick out her clothes; joking and keeping up a constant stream of double entendre comments as they looked at the display screen. Garfor exuded strength and power without arrogance, and apparently, Rork was the take no crap, get right down to business one of the trio. A life with them sure wouldn't be boring. What the hell? Megan gave herself a mental shake.

“It's okay. I'm too excited about seeing a new world for anything to bum me out right now.” She scanned the passing landscape before continuing. “Plus, soon, I plan to make it crystal clear to Rork and Garfor that I don't respond well to men ordering me around,” she said quietly so only Loban could hear.

“Why not me?”

“You haven't shown similar qualities,” she said, grinning.

“Yet.” He tightened his grip on her shoulder, pulling her toward him. “We're dominant men, swaya, but each in our own way. Are you positive you dislike relinquishing control to a man in every situation?”

“Yes, wait, what?” she asked. Her pulse sped up and butterflies danced in her tummy as she watched his pupils darken.

Loban lowered his lips to hers. Megan was in awe at how he smoothly maneuvered her into a reclining position without breaking the kiss. His tongue surged into her mouth and she wrapped her arms around his neck. He alternated between teasing and staking his claim, setting her senses on fire. He cupped her breast and pinched her nipple. Megan moaned loudly, and she felt Loban smile against her lips. He slid his palm down her side and over her hip.  When his fingers slid beneath the string of her scandalously tiny panties straight to her soaking pussy lips, she lifted up into his touch.

Then the reality that they weren't alone crashed into her. Megan let go of his neck, pushed against his shoulders and tried frantically to close her legs. She had as much luck moving Loban as she imagined she would have with one of the giant rock structures they'd driven by. He stopped kissing her lips, but continued kissing along her jaw line to her ear.

“They sense your arousal, Megan, can feel it, smell it,” he stated in a normal speaking tone, one Megan had no doubt Garfor and Rork could hear in the confined space. “Their cocks are rock hard because they know I'm bringing you pleasure. I've no doubt they're envious that at this moment I'm touching you, loving you, but there's no jealousy in a bonded relationship. We will make love, spend time, live our lives together and separately as our moods and desires dictate. Open your mind and heart and body to who we are, swaya.”

His words fanned the flames of her desire as much, maybe more, than his skilled fingers. She came fast and hard, bucking on the seat, digging her fingernails into his arms and whimpering mindlessly. Loban stroked her tenderly through the last of her tremors before settling her on his lap.

“Megan, we'll be home soon. Look, over there, those homes indicate the beginning of our district.”

She fixed him with her best “are you kidding me” stare. After what they just did, he was back to pointing out the scenery? He winked and flashed a wickedly handsome grin.

“Thank the Gods,” Garfor said, looking over his shoulder. “Rork's piloting is making me a nervous wreck.”

“You try and concentrate on driving with the level of distraction in this vehicle.”

“I'd rather try and wedge myself into the back seat.” He boldly ogled her.

“Okay, see? They're behaving normally, considering,” she commented to Loban.

“I had no idea you wanted to discuss our little tryst. How thrilling,” he replied with exuberance. “You were magnificent, coming on my fingers while you writhed beneath me.” He took her hand and pressed it on his penis. “It took, shit, is still taking every ounce of control I possess not to whip this out and fuck you. And as long as we're on the subject, once we're in a more comfortable setting, I'm going to taste every inch of your body, worship your pussy with my mouth and feel your release on my tongue then slide my cock into your wet heat. Rork and Garfor will be there, maybe one sucking on your nipples while the other feeds his dick into your mouth?”

“Loban enjoys talking about sex,” Rork offered in a strained voice.

“Thank you, Captain Obvious,” Megan said with great difficulty. On top of having a handful of Loban's cock, he was trailing his fingers along the swell of her breast.

There was a second of silence before all three men laughed. She joined them.