Excerpt from: Emily's Destiny


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Emily's Destiny

Copyright: Tessie Bradford, 2011

Darrin jolted out of a sound sleep. Drenched in sweat, aroused to the point of pain, he struggled for breath as wave after wave of desire pounded through his system. He sat bolt upright. “She’s back.”

“Obviously,” his clan-mate Colby commented, leaning against the bedroom doorframe. “About time you woke up; our woman is having one hell of a wet dream.”

Despite the pitch darkness, Darrin could easily see Colby’s wickedly sexy grin and his own state of horny.

“No shit,” he practically growled, tossing back the covers as another blast of Emily’s lust slammed into him. “She’s on fucking fire, man!” He grasped the base of his cock in an attempt to hold off the orgasm already building. “Leave it to our mate that when she finally fully opens her mind to us, it’s to inflict more sexual torture.”

“Being a bit dramatic this evening, aren’t you?” Colby laughed. “Emily is headstrong, independent and too stubborn for all of our good, but you know as well as I do she doesn’t have a mean bone in her cute little body. I tried to explain it to you, as did her sire. Deep down, she understands we’re destined to be together, but she cherishes her human qualities as much as her changeling ones. It was necessary for us to let her go and allow nature to take its course. How many times did I assure you all would work out as it should?”

“For three months, we haven’t talked to her, touched her, and you’re okay with this?” Darrin asked, shoving his long hair off his forehead. “I was kind of hoping we’d all be in the same room the first time we shared her climax.”

“See it for what it is, Darrin; use the gifts the Creator gave us. Her thoughts are wild, uninhibited, utterly honest and unguarded. Em probably has no idea she’s projecting, reaching out for what’s natural between us.” Colby sauntered towards the bed. He slowly opened the bedside table drawer and removed a tube of lube.

“What the hell are you doing? We should be going to her, now.” Darrin started to get off the bed. Colby grabbed one of Darrin’s ankles.

“Patience,” he ordered. “Tonight, we join her on her terms.”

Darrin’s pulse pounded in his ears as Colby spread his legs wide and crawled between them. Darrin licked his lips as he watched Colby slowly grease his impressive cock. He reached out to help him, but froze, mid-movement, when Colby’s eyes glowed red. Darrin laid back into the pillows. Colby came down on top of him and captured his mouth in a rough, searing kiss. As their tongues sparred, their bodies writhed together. Darrin raked his fingernails down Colby’s back, stopping to grab on, hard, to the cheeks of his ass, in order to grind their cocks more firmly together.

A guttural growl was the only warning Darrin received before Colby reared up and grabbed the underside of his thighs, pushing his legs up and out. He clutched the spindles of the headboard and shouted out as Colby claimed him in one sure stroke. The exquisite pleasure/pain of being filled to capacity by one of his lovers was intensified a thousand fold by the sensations and emotions rolling through him from Emily, their third. He opened himself—mind, body, heart and soul. Colby pounded his ass, inundating him with decadent mental images of exactly what he was feeling, while Em’s unconscious, near frantic reactions raced through his system. She was desperate to find her release, her frustration and need palatable in his mind. Colby used his considerable mental strength to comfort, guide and stoke the fires of lust raging through Darrin and, in turn, Emily, to frightening heights.

“Too much, shit, Cole,” he panted, bucking wildly.

“Perfect, perfect, perfect,” Colby chanted in time with the powerful thrusts of his hips.

Emily’s rapture slammed into Darrin, and he went off like a rocket, sending jets of semen skyward. Colby let loose, and together, they shared pure ecstasy.

When Emily drifted off to sleep, Darrin missed the connection terribly. Colby pulled out of his body and gathered him close.

“Rest, my love. Tomorrow, we bring our woman home.”