Fulfilling Bess


Bess Wilks assumes she is about to be sitting through another monotonous office meeting. Oh well, these gatherings do provide perfect opportunities to test out new recipes for her catering business on her willing coworkers. When Darrin Larabey walks into the conference room, Bess is eternally grateful that the treat table is close enough to use for support. Despite the passing of nine years since they’ve seen each other, her body instantly heats to boiling and all manner of decadent thoughts keep her from concentrating on the business at hand.

As vivid images of making love with Bess in every way imaginable dance in his head, Darrin can barely get through his presentation. The woman who has starred in his dreams for years is sitting within arm’s reach, flushed and fidgeting in her chair. The passage of time has obviously done nothing to diminish their smoking hot chemistry and now he’s not a newbie intern and she’s not his boss. The erotic possibilities are endless.




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March 04, 2015